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If you need help with any number of issues related to immigration, it’s important to work with a trusted attorney who cares about your wellbeing and helps you understand your options. At the Atherley Law Firm, PLLC, we are passionate about immigration, as Attorney Martha Atherley is a first-generation American citizen whose parents came to this country from Barbados. Our mission is your success, and we deliver an unparalleled level of attention and skill to your case. We are a small, Orlando-based firm that delivers big-time results, so be sure to work with us for all of your immigration legal needs.

Assisting with all aspects of immigration

Although our primary focus is to help individuals who wish to enter the United States obtain visas, green cards and, if desired, full citizenship, we can assist with a wide range of immigration-related legal issues. This is important, as U.S. immigration laws are incredibly complex, and common errors may leave you dealing with unnecessary delays or deportation.

We assist by interpreting the law for you and helping your examine your rights and options, preparing all of the necessary documentation and making sure you have everything you need for the best chance at success. This includes ensuring that all of your paperwork, statements and forms are clearly filed in a consistent way, per the strict guidelines of U.S. immigration agencies.

Our top goal is to help you through this process as quickly and effectively as possible, avoiding delays and giving you the knowledge and resources you need at all steps. This prevents you from dealing with challenges associated with legal technicalities and other unforeseen issues that may arise when you try to go at the immigration process alone.

Taking action to avoid removal

The potential threat of deportation is very real for hundreds of thousands of people living in the United States. It’s wise to consult a skilled immigration lawyer if you’re dealing with any of the following issues:

  • You have been accused or convicted of any type of criminal offense
  • You’ve had a previous visa, green card or other application denied
  • A federal agency has begun deportation proceedings against you
  • You are dealing with extremely long delays from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services office
  • You are looking to reside in the United States for a job, but your new employer is not helping you with the immigration process

If you are the target of removal or deportation proceedings, we explore all of your legal options. This may involve calling witnesses on your behalf, challenging any claims made against you and representing you in removal hearings.

Consult a knowledgeable Florida immigration attorney

To learn more about your rights and options related to immigration law, speak with an experienced lawyer at Atherley Law Firm, PLLC right away. From our office in downtown Orlando, we work with individuals and families in Orange County, Osceola County and the rest of central Florida. To set up a free initial consultation, call 555-555-5555 or contact us online.

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